Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

FILLINGS – composite (tooth colored)fillings – used to fix decayed teeth

EXTRACTIONS – removal of wisdom teeth, loose tooth, badly decayed tooth

IMPLANTS – replacement of a tooth root which gets fused to the bone, after an implant is placed an implant crown is made which matches with the color of the natural teeth. 98% success rate if oral hygiene and good health is kept to date.

VENEERS – thin shell to cover the front of the tooth, bonded onto the teeth, stronger than composites and they don’t change color or stain. Prepping procedure requires very minimal tooth reduction. Recommended for patients: close spaces, intrinsic staining, make the teeth more uniform

CROWNS – covers either partial or whole tooth. Recommended for patients who have large fillings, root canal treated teeth

BRIDGES – non- removable teeth, replaces missing tooth or teeth, bridges the artificial teeth to the existing teeth on both sides of the missing space.

DENTURES – many different types of dentures (Complete Denture, Precision Attachment Denture, Partial Denture), used to replace the missing teeth with in oral cavity, it’s removable, easy to clean

TEETH WHITENING – (in office and take home kits available) – “In Office Whitening” – patient should be decay free and have clean teeth for comfort and best results.

Procedure is approx. 2 hours, procedure, gum tissues are isolated, and whitening gel is placed on each tooth and a blue light is placed for intervals of 3 X 15 minute sessions. After whitening is completed, Fluoride will be placed for 5 minutes. A take home touch up kit with custom made trays are included with the “In Office Whitening.”