Oral Mucosal Screening

Oral Cancer is one of the most deadliest diseases and patients all too often do not survive. As frightening as this medical fact is, we can help. Our Clinic uses a breakthrough technique called “VELSCOPE,” a tool to detect oral cancer and oral mucosal abnormalities – garnering worldwide attention for B.C. Cancer Agency. “VELSCOPE” is a hand-held visualization system that produces a blue light revealing details of existing cancerous tissues and dangerous lesions not visible with ordinary light.

Velscope Helps Us:
Improve our assessment of your overall oral health
Ensure that the delicate tissues of your mouth are healthy
Protect you from oral disease, including oral cancer
All this in two minutes, with no rinses, stains or discomfort.

Make this part of your routine check up alongside your medical exams, so it’s not forgotten. Make this part of your healthy lifestyle.