new patients

At Commercial Station Dental, we always welcome new patients and aim to make you feel comfortable and healthy no matter what your oral health care needs may be. 

During your first visit to our office, we will review your dental and medical history and perform a thorough dental examination. This will include a series of dental x-rays, photographs, and intra-oral examinations which will help us better assess your smile and dental needs. Following this initial assessment, our team will take time to discuss your current dental health, make recommendations, explore your goals for your ideal smile, and develop a treatment plan that meets or exceeds your expectations.

There are of course those patients who arrive at our office under emergency circumstances. In these cases, our goal is always to relieve them of any discomfort as soon as possible. This usually involves a very specific examination, an x-ray of the area concerned and a plan to get you feeling better as soon as possible.

why choose us?

Our professional dental health staff uses the latest techniques and technology to help you achieve and maintain your most attractive smile.

frequently asked questions

Do you accept new patients?

Yes, all new patients are welcome.

Do you accept dental insurance and do direct billing?

Yes we do, as long as the policy group plan permits direct billing.

Why should I floss, isn't brushing enough? 

The goal of both brushing and flossing is to remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth from eating. When you brush your teeth you are getting the front and back of your teeth but not the areas between your teeth and around your gums. 

Flossing can help prevent cavities and tooth decay but it needs to be done on a consistent basis. Flossing will not only help improve your smile but your overall health as well! It’s best to floss every day to remove any food that could be stuck in your teeth. By having clean and healthy gums, you will be stopping the cycle for gum disease and bone loss. 

Why do my gums bleed?

Bleeding gums are caused by inadequate plaque removal. Plaque contains germs which attack the healthy tissues around the teeth. If plaque build-up occurs, gums become inflamed and irritated, which may cause them to bleed when brushing or flossing. This is called gingivitis and is the first stage of gum disease. 

Why do I need a dental exam and how often should it be?

Regular exams help spot trouble early to prevent bigger and more costly treatments later. It is recommended to have an examination every 6 months or your dentist may suggest that you visit more or less often depending on how well you care for your teeth and gums, problems you have that need to be checked or treated, how fast tartar builds up on your teeth, and so on. 

My dentist says I have a cavity and that I need a filling, but why doesn't my tooth hurt?

Most dental problems don’t have any symptoms until they reach more advanced stages. It is best to get a thorough dental exam and diagnoses to treat problems early. Waiting often makes problems more difficult and more expensive to fix. 

I'm pregnant, can I still have treatment & hygiene done? 

Yes, regular exams and teeth cleaning are very important. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that put you at increased risk for periodontal disease and for tender gums that bleed easily – a condition called pregnancy gingivitis.  Before you have your dental appointment, check with your obstetrician to see if she has any special precautions/instructions for you.